Create a Successful Peer Tutor & Classroom Aide Program
Peer Tutoring Tips, Strategies and Best Practices
Peer and cross-age tutors have long been utilized in the school setting. These student assistants referred to as peer tutors, cross-age tutors or student classroom aides, provide effective academic support in many areas including the following:

  • support for students whose academic skills are not at grade level
  • pre-special ed referral interventions to students struggling academically
  • extra assistance to students learning English as a second language
  • support for students with disabilities towards meeting their IEP goals
  • facilitation of small group projects and discussions within the classroom setting
I am frequently asked for tips, strategies and advice from other educators about how to create a successful middle school, high school or college tutoring program. As a result of research in the field regarding best practices and the benefits of peer tutors and my experience coordinating peer tutoring programs, I have found four key components to be critical to program success: